How to Dress Smartly in a Harvey Paul Shirt

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How to Dress Smartly in a Harvey Paul ShirtHow to Dress Smartly in a Harvey Paul Ladies Shirt

Harvey-Paul ladies shirts are not only impressive and exclusively designed but they also come in array of colours. Each one is unique and the amazing concept about them is that you can not only wear them as a dressy shirt, but you can also style and create your own individual smart and casual look with each one.
Here are 4 simple ways you can style a Harvey-Paul shirt.

The Professional Look

If you require a quick and easy way to style a shirt for work, this look is just for you.
This image doesn’t require a huge amount of effort to achieve. All you need is your trusty Harvey-Paul shirt and your favorite pair of smart jeans or office trousers. Make sure that the colour of jeans/trousers you have chosen will go with your chosen shirt. For example, a black or white pair of pants would look smart with the Fuchsia shirt, however most of the shirts will pair nicely with blue or black skinny jeans too. Button up all the buttons and you’re ready to go. You can also tuck the shirt in and arrange it in a manner that you like. Add a smart blazer and you’ve got that professional look without any effort.

The Casual Look

This is the perfect way to style your shirt for going into town or just around the house. It’s a very simple and easy look to achieve. It’s also perfect if you need to go somewhere in a rush but want to make it look like you have made an effort. Simply just throw on your jeans and your chosen Harvey Paul shirt except this time leave the top two buttons undone then slip on that cordial V-neck jumper leaving the collar out and over, or if you want to go that bit further you can flip your collar up slightly to give you that slick dapper look, in winter this teams up nicely with skinny jeans and your favorite pair of boots to the knee accessorised with a stylish leather bag.
Another option is not to tuck the shirt into your jeans but instead leave it out, you could also push up your sleeves just above the elbows to keep your look refreshing. If you are heading out don’t forget to throw on that blazer jacket and roll up the cuffs over the bottom of the jackets sleeves to create that distinctive look by doing this, it will also showcase the trimming that is on the cuffs which in turn will complement the fabrics that are visible on the collar and front inlay of your Harvey Paul Luxury shirt. Another option for you to consider while styling your Harvey Paul shirt is to leave the front of the shirt unbuttoned then put on a light t-shirt or vest top underneath your shirt and team it up with those trendy skinny’s and your favorite pair of converse trainers and boom !! Your the coolest chick queuing for that spice box in kfc !!

The Smart and Casual Look

This is the perfect outfit to wear to a dinner or a small party. All you need is a pencil, A-line, godet, asymmetrical or tulip skirt, then choose a good pair of comfortable high heels or wedges that will elongate your legs and team it up with your Harvey-Paul shirt. When you put on your preferred skirt tuck in the shirt by pulling it down from underneath the skirt to make it a better fit. Make sure all the buttons are perfected. Coordinate your outfit with a handbag or clutch and finish it off with a little bit of jewellery something simple and slim fitting around the neck would suit best as there is plenty going on with the trimming on the Harvey Paul shirt collars, so you don’t need to go to the extreme.

The Summer Look

For this look you could pull out those white summer shorts, linen trousers, denim skirts chinos or culottes that you have probably tucked away in the back of your wardrobes, so be a bit daring after all it is summer. You will effortlessly become lifted within and fully energised when you team up your chosen piece with one of our Pop and vibrant colours from our collection of Harvey Paul shirts. Put on the shorts or denim skirt with one of our vibrant shirts then tuck the shirt in but leave part of it loosely hanging over the shorts. To go a bit further you could push up your sleeves once again leaving the cuffs open just above the elbow to showcase the unique trimmings.
If you have chosen the loose refreshing look with the linen trousers and culottes you could leave the shirt hanging out as it will sit nicely over the waist thanks to all our shirts been semi fitted so in turn they will give you than slim cut and shape that you desire. Add some sunglasses and a hat to perfect the look. This outfit also goes lovely with a pair of sandals or wedges a sun hat and shades (optional) along with some hot weather and a beach in the south of France! We all wish !

Now you have four ways to style and wear your Harvey-Paul shirt. Feel free to add your own personal touch to them. A 100% luxury cotton shirt is a key element to any woman’s wardrobe. Our collection of shirts is perfect for any occasion and you can create your own individual look for whatever event you need it for.
Exclusive stockists can be found of our Harvey Paul collection in all leading boutiques and departments stores nationwide.


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