1507, 2018

Winter 2019 Fashion

Who Will Win? In this blog I’m going to discuss the question, who would win in a gender shirt war? In each of the headings I will examine both side and give my personal opinion on the information I [...]

806, 2018

How To Merchandise Your Boutique

How to Merchandise your Boutique As you know, boutiques create an exclusive and unique experience. Your customers come into your boutique looking for that something a little different and classy as they try to avoid the current and mass-produced [...]

506, 2018

The Benefits of Wearing One Hundred Percent Cotton

The Benefits of Wearing 100% Cotton In this blog I am going to write about some of the benefits of wearing cotton. If you’re not already aware, Harvey-Paul designs beautiful 100% cotton women’s shirts. Harvey-Paul is dedicated to creating [...]

1505, 2018

How to Dress Smartly in a Harvey Paul Shirt

How to Dress Smartly in a Harvey Paul Ladies Shirt Harvey-Paul ladies shirts are not only impressive and exclusively designed but they also come in array of colours. Each one is unique and the amazing concept about them is [...]

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